We hope you're living your best life, but If you’re not - that's okay too.

Hello Skelo is a brand with a voice. We highlight experiences from all different types of people, in all different places and on all different journeys with addiction. We talk about the good, the bad and the authentic of what life is like for those that have embraced being sober in a drunk world.

This brand was built from pain. Literally. Massive amounts of it caused by denial, confusion and anger. What Caitlin realized after 9 rehabs and 6 detoxes was that when she faced her demons straight on -  her addiction was no longer a liability but her most valuable asset.

Bringing awareness wasn’t enough for us - we wanted to help people still struggling with addiction who are ready to change their lives but can’t afford it. With each sale from our site, a portion of all proceeds will go towards scholarships for people ready and willing to make a change.

Our clothing is created to be dynamic - like you. Each piece will be worn on the site in several different ways. You are able to style any piece uniquely, depending on your mood and destination. From a backyard BBQ to corporate events; find clothes that speak to you - in that moment.